**Registration is now closed for both trainings**

Priesthood Initiation

3-year training program

Official Application

Introduction to the Kemetic Mystery System

14-Week Spiritual Initiation

  • The Shrine of Ma'at will be receiving 42 initiates for its introductory spiritual training

  • Initiation begins February 2020; Sessions are held LIVE 

  • Online Initiates must participate in a Skype interview to determine eligibility

  • The 14-week series will focus on topics including:

    • The Hidden Meaning of Kemetic Myth

    • Meditation and Prayer

    • Sacred Ritual

    • Poses of Power 

    • The Kemetic Diet and Fasting

    • Kemetic Attire

    • Invoking the Neteru 

  • Full Initiation Fee is $500 USD or $40 per session if paid weekly

Information Sheet 
$500 - Full Payment
Official Application
$40 Automatic Weekly Payment

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