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Hm Ntr n Tpi
Djeden Maat Aten-Ra,

Hmt Wr n Tpi
Nfr-Ka Ma'at


Abut Mehurt.bmp
Abut Mehurt Senebwa Serketneferu

Currently the Shrine of Ma'at, which is based in Harlem, NY has 2 chief priests and 9 members of the Wenwet.  The Wenwet are the key administrative priests of the Shrine.  We also have 42 bedrock members known as the Hem Senu who were the first members of the Shrine.  Our other initiated members are known as the Ra Ka Seshen and Kheperu Wr Ma'at.  Each year we initiate new members to our shrine through a 14-week process that begins in late February/ early March.  We also have several committees that our members run to keep the Shrine active in the community.  The Shrine is in the process of expanding to other states/ regions and will be led by either a member of the Wenwet or by an appointed admistrator known as the Djaty.

Our Humble Beginnings

Abut Waseret Em Bastet
Abu Aahmes Ma'at AmenRa
Abu Ka.jpg
Abu Ka Aani M Bes
Abut Seshat Merit Nedjemnes Hetepka
Abu Waziri
Abu Jamaar
Abu Khaskhmwy Tehuti Ka Zephie
Abu Khepera
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