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Shrine of Ptah

Our elder shrine which paved the way for all others.  PTAH in Khamitic kosmology was referred to as the “Opener of the Way” and the Restorer of a new foundation. Today, we ancestral ascendants of this great civilization are awakening in AMENTA (the West). Our consciousness has been awakened by the works, words and legacy of our esteemed ancestors, elders, and scholars. 

Per Ankh Khamiversity

Our sister shrine in St. Croix, Virgin Islands located at PO Box 607, 00851 Kingshill, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Temple of Anu

Our sister shrine in New Jersey located at 271 South 9th St, Newark, NJ 07103.

Center for the Restoration of Ma'at

A center that provides education and practical usage of the heritage of our ancient Kemetic ancestors through courses, tours, books and other items.

Studio of Ptah

Purveyor of fine amulets of culture including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings in a variety of precious metals.  Specializing in custom designs and wedding rings.  

The Cowrie Shell Center

Natural hair care salon using only organic and herbal products through their own haircare line called Ancestral Blends.  Other services include Yoni steambath therapy and natural hair care consultations.

Imani's Creations and Entertainment

Purveyor of handmade crafts including:

Gemstone Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry & Accessories, Handmade Pyramids & Crafts, Natural Gemstones & Crystals, Holistic health & Beauty Products,,& more.


Services include:

Vocal Perfomances and Workshops and Presentations


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