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Spiritual Training - Introduction to the Kemetic Mystery Systems

Initiation is a process by which an individual becomes a formal member of the Shrine.  This process includes fasting, reading, study, and prayer. It is a process or self-improvement and self-reflection. Initiation provides clarity to the understanding and meaning of being a practitioner of Kemetic spirituality as represented by the Shrine of Ma'at. This membership entitles a person to be included in a membership directory, and to receive certain identifying items that designate them as members of the shrine including a pendant, certificate, and other initiation artifacts only giving to these members.

Heb Smai Tawi (Wedding Ceremonies)

The Shrine of Ma'at is a registered New York City non-profit spiritual organization.  The Chief Priest (Hm Wr) and Chief Priestess (Hmt Wr) of the shrine are ordained and licensed to officiate wedding ceremonies.   Keep in mind that in Ancient Kemet (Egypt), there were no official wedding ceremonies.  Traditionally the husband and wife would draw up an official wedding contract and the husband would move into the wife's home.  Our shrine has created a variety of ceremonies to meet the needs of couples who wish to have a cultural/ spiritual ceremony.  We have also created ceremonies that incorporate other African traditions as requested by the couple.

Heb M Di M Ren (Naming Ceremonies)

Quite often we are asked to assist those who like to receive a name that is more reflective of their history, personality or purpose.  Through consultation and readings, we assist individuals with manifesting their own name or we will provide one for you.  

Counseling (Individual, couples, grief)

With the daily stress that we all encounter in our lives, sometimes it is helpful to see the counsel of a third party. The Shrine provides a variety of counseling options for individuals, couples and families based on your expressed needs.

Ancestor Transition Ceremonies (Funerals/ Wakes)

While losing a loved one is always difficult, it is important to celebrate their life and transition in a way that is befitting of their legacy.  We can assist in officiating these occasions and providing general guidance in your preparations,

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